PostDoctoral Fellow at University of Pennsylvania: I teach classes on applications of research and statistical methods, and get to look into root causes and solutions of some of the U.S.'s most entrenched social welfare issues.  Among other projects, working on a forthcoming report about prevalence of trafficking among homeless youth - with an eye toward their child welfare experiences - and looking at hospital use among homeless adults in New York City.

StreetChange Managing Partner - Harnessing compassion to facilitate permanent housing for street homeless.  StreetChange is a mobile app that allows individuals to make very targeted donations to specific items - like socks, a haircut, or a blanket - requested by street homeless individuals.  StreetChange clients engage in case management when picking up a fulfilled item, providing an opportunity to engage in healthcare and housing services and advancing progress toward stability.

United Way ALICE Project: We examine the true extent of income insufficiency and examine the housing, health, psychological, and other consequences of failures to adequately support America's workers.

National Center on Homelessness among Veterans Research Fellow - Conduct quantitative analysis of causes and dynamics of homeless program and healthcare service use among veterans.  Work has included assessments of the prevalence of veteran homelessness in community-based shelters with policy recommendations to improve outreach of VA services, and evaluations of the VA's homelessness prevention and rapid re-housing program, Supportive Services for Veteran Families.

Goldring Reentry Initiative (GRI) Research Associate - Conducting a mixed-methods evaluation of a program that helps ex-offenders transition from jail into the community.  Using a quasi-experimental design we are comparing recidivism rates for program participants to others with similar characteristics, and we are conducting interviews with former clients to understand how the program impacted them and what they think could be improved.